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Sex offender 3rd violation?

Pennsburg, PA |

very long story in 2003 he was sentenced to 4 years for a sting operation. i meet him in 2010 violated his probation wasnt allowed around minors my two girls, put in jail for 9 mo. got out jan 2011 i got pregnant had our baby 4/16/2012. violated his probation so he could see his son was arrested and jailed 2 mo out and had to get paternity test did was allowed around son. now was arrested cause he stayed at his parents trailer when they had both passed away and he was given permission by po. po is denying he asked. His sister where his home plan was, had her bf & kids move in putting him in jeapordy with contact with minors..will he get jail time? Can i write a letter to the judge for maybe putting him on house arrest or his po?

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Attorney answers 3


This is a serious matter on several levels. He needs an experienced criminal defense attorney to explore all options.


I agree with Attorney Keller. He needs an experienced criminal defense attorney to discuss all aspects of his case in a privileged and confidential setting and not on a public forum such as this one.


Allow me to make it unanimous; the Defendant needs the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney experienced in the area of sex crimes. No one here can be of much assistance.