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Settlements Attempts/Offers Confidential?

Lynwood, CA |

Under what authority are settlement attempts/offers confidential? Citations would be helpful.

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There is a difference between "confidential" and "usable." Generally communciations regarding settlement, uncluding offers, cannot be used to establish liability, but they are generally not confidential and may be usable for other purposes.


To either to prove or disprove the validity or amount of a disputed claim.

See California Evidence Code sections 1152 and 1154, and Rule 408 of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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California Evidence Code 1152

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But a settlement offer can by its terms provide that it is to be held confidential as against all others, or as against all but some others. Of course, the offer itself won't be confidential there unless it is accepted. it is also possible for the parties to agree to enter into confidential settlement proceedings in which all offers and discussions will be held confidential. Or, some contend that if the offer occurs in the course of mediation, then it is confidential by virtue of that fact -- that analysis is not universally accepted, but it is common.

In short, when parties are finally ready to talk settlement almost all variables are possible.

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