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Seriously, do I have to rewrite or write American law?

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Based on what I've asked and answers you've given I cannot get justice without changing the law -- and heaven help the statute of limitations by the time I do that! Please try to understand, those who suggest that I talk to a lawyer, I haven't got a cent. I lost everything (business/job, home, furniture, car, etc) when my company was robbed by an employee & a banker. What I hadn't lost was spent on a lousy lawyer who quit when I went broke. Then a technicality tossed the case out in Federal court. I need to make this right but cannot even begin to file word one because my business was an LLC. I am being denied the right to pursue justice because to can't pay a lawyer and that violates everything. I can't be the first penniless victim of crimes against an LLC can I?

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Corporations and limited liability companies must appear through an attorney. It would probably be reasonable to permit single-member limited liability companies to have the sole principal represent the entity. But you take the law as you find it.

Now, it may be that you can find a lawyer who will work on a contingency basis. I don't know anything about the facts of your case; only that the U.S. District Court dismissed it. I do not know when it was dismissed, or on what basis, so I cannot say whether you have grounds to bring a new lawsuit. So it is impossible to evaluate whether you are likely to be able to hire a lawyer by means of a contingency arrangement.

Good luck to you.

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The case was dismissed on the "two strike" rule -- I dismissed it on the advice of the Pro Se office because since the economic collapse good luck trying to find a Pro Bono lawyer to go up against one of the biggest banks still standing. The judge had given me 60 days to find a lawyer & I couldn't so I dismissed w/o prejudice. The judge signed off even though more than a year before my lawyer had done the same in an attempt to move from Federal to State court. But the case stayed Federal -- and with the same judge -- he knew -- I didn't -- how would I? But the bank was on it in a NY minute.