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Seller and buyer live in Oregon. Seller is selling total interest in timeshare located in California. What forms are necessary?

Portland, OR |

Wanting simple buy sell forms, but need to know what is required in order for deed to be assigned?

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Unfortunately, this situation may not lend itself to simple forms. To start, the parties should contact the time-share administrator/management company, if any. That office would likely have an instruction sheet on procedures for transferring ownership, including forms. If there is no such office, buyer should proceed cautiously, as there are many different forms of time share ownership, and therefore different procedures for transfer. For starters, find out if the ownership rights include a deeded interest, or merely shared use rights for a term of years. If its the latter, find out how many years are left. In any event, a buyer must check into whether there are any restricitions on transfer, what the maintenance charge is per year, and whether the seller is current in payment of maintenance charges.