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Self insured L&I claim was dropped

Auburn, WA |

Not sure what kind of practice area I am looking for. My employer dropped my Workers Compensation due to me being video taped. I have had several people, not attorneys, look at these videos and nobody can see what I did wrong. My claim is over a year old and I feel they have been dragging there feet, I had to wait for three months for approval fo a specialist appointment that my Doctor refered me to. I did not violate anything to my restrictions. I have paper work supplied from my employer that proves forged signatures of Doctors, in there attempts to get me to come back on light duty. I have paperwork that was sent to me about my claim with another employees "Activity Perscription form" and supposed signatures of my doctor realsing me that were whited out. Please help.

They are also threatening me of termination. I am insisting that I have a lawyer before I go to any investigate interview.

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If you have a workers' compensation claim and benefits have been denied or stopped, then a workers' compensation attorney is who you should talk to. I am unsure what you mean by your employer "dropping" your workers' comp. DLI and self insured employers like to obtain video footage of claimants walking, driving, going up steps, opening doors, etc. and then try to make a big deal about it. I have rarely seen this strategy really work for them. You should call me or a workers' comp. attorney in your area. An attorney is likely to ask you a bunch of questions and maybe obtain and review your claim file to see 1) whether you even need an attorney yet and 2) whether the attorney thinks your claim is good enough to represent you. Good luck with it!


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