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Self -defense simple assault...police abuse of power towards me and bad corrupt prior attorney everyone against me gustapo type.

Cleveland, OH |

I went to a property that I manage (REO) prime contractor mgt. co. (I am owner of co.). Was alone, had work work order by bank. Dog ran over to attack me and I shot round into air to scare dog away, I couldn't flee. I have CCW and bank knows. Gun broke from round .380 put in center console and drove up to house after litte bit as animal gone. Got out of vehicle to look at house if secure, looked like someone inside (I was about 8' from truck), same dog came out of nowhere full charge attack me again. I went to flee and as I turned around a man threw puch at me. I reacted and threw punch, knocked person down realized he had a gun. I called 911 and from there police brutality and abuse of power and along with attorney who wanted me to pay off prosecutor. No priors, not even speeding ticket.

I didn't mention that the house was vacant status. Nobody lives there. It turned out being the neighbor and neighbor's dog. This person in my opinion came to kill me. Police officer wouldn't even let me speak, took about 10 minutes to try and get out a sentence and he just cut me off repeatedly and made his own story. I was denied all civil rights and cop wanted to set me up and as mentioned abuse of power. All I did was protect myself with self-defense and saved my life. Nothing about this man having dog off leash law and dog attacking me and him criminally tresspassing having gun on this property that wasn't his, plus if somene was in house...nobody cared...they are trying to frame me over this. In the name of justice, how can this be. Much more info. plus proofs. available.

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There are a lot of facts in this and some missing information that I would be interested in. Contact a criminal defense attorney in the area. I would be happy to set up a consultation with you, you can reach me at (216) 209-3639