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Selective service question on N400

Charlotte, NC |

Background: I was on a H1 B visa with a software company. Then I got laid off and I was out of status from 04/2001 to 11/2005. I turned 26 on 11/2001.So I was out of status for a brief period of time. I got my GC in 11/2005. Its been almost 5 years now.

For the question: Are you a male who lived in the US at any time between your 18th and 26th birthdays in any status except as a lawful nonimmigrant?

Should I mark YES? and attach a brief statement saying that I was not aware of the requirement? or Should I mark NO?

Appreciate your help.

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You do not have an obligation to register for selective service while you were in H-1B status, nor when you were out of status. Since you turned 26 on 11/2001, your obligation ended at that time. I would mark no and attach an explaination.

Ricky Malik, Esq.


go see alan gordan in charlotte. one of the best immigration attorneys in the state. in texas you have to wait until you are 32 to file if you did not register.

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