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Seeking to file a succession without an attourney, is it possible?

Bossier City, LA |

My uncle and I inherited a house from his parents (my grandparents) who passed away a couple years ago. We share the inheritance equally (I inherit my deceased mother's share). We've been forced into a double succession since neither parent had a will when they passed. We've spoken with an attourney who has agreed to do the succession for ~$2,500. Since there are no disputes with the inheritance, do we have any cheaper option? Is it possible to file for succession w/o legal assisstance?

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You must file the succession because there is real property involved. However, there may be a free legal services organization in your area or you might check with the local law school for a legal clinic. Of course, there are generally income restrictions to qualify for these services. I would also check around for other rates.

My responses are of a general nature and not having the opportunity to get all of the background may mean that they are not complete. I may not be a licensed attorney in the jurisdiction where you are seeking advice and is based solely on the laws and my expertise in those states in which I am licensed. Therefore, this advice can provide a good foundation in seeking quality legal advice in your particular area.


The New Orleans Bar Association has a service called the Succession Modest Means Panel to provide succession legal services to persons who meet the income requirements. I would suggest contacting the Shreveport Bar Association to see if they offer something similar. There is an income cap to qualify for the New Orleans Modest Means Panel, but I am not familiar with the Shreveport Bar Association. Of course, you could hire a New Orleans attorney as any licensed Louisiana attorney could provide you with legal services, but it would be more cost effective for both you and the attorney for you to hire one from your area. I have provided a link to the Shreveport Bar Association's website below.

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You could do it yourself but it would be much better to have an attorney handle it. The quoted price is about right to do 2 successions together and depending on the value of the land would be worth it. If you do it incorrectly you could end up with property that could not be sold because of title problems and the expense to cure the problems may cost more in the future.

Every situation is different and you should consult your own attorney to go over all the particular facts in your case. The answer given is only intended to provide general guidance regarding rights and responsibilities.


You should determine if the quote includes filing and recordation fees.

This response does not creat an attorney client relationship. In all cases, I recommend you seek a paid consultation with an attorney with expertise in this area.