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Seeking pro bono or low cost attorney in TX for divorce matter

Mineola, TX |

I need a pro bono or low cost divorce attorney in Texas

We are seperated and I do not have any money to pay for a divorce.

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At each Law School in the State of Texas there are legal clinics that may be able to assist you with a low cost or free divorce. You will need to call the law school and ask about the clinic and ask if the clinic handles divorces. Some do and some do not. In Houston, you can also call the Houston Lawyer Referral Service which is a non-profit organization that provides referrals for attorneys who among other things will do divorces for a reasonable fee. If you are close to Austin, you can call the University of Texas at 512-475-6700; if near Houston, you can call the University of Houston Law Center at 713-743-2100; the South Texas College of Law at 713-659-8040; Texas Southern University Thurgood Marshall School of Law at 713-313-1375. The Houston Lawyer Referral can be located by calling: 713-237-9429. If the particular clinic does not handle divorces, please inquire if they know of a clinic that does or project that provides low-cost divorces. Good luck