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Seeking attorney for a Pro Bono malpractice suit (due to a Chiropractor) in the Austin, Texas area?

Austin, TX |

Notes pertaining to the case:

1) I had been seeing a Chiropractor here in Austin from April to August this year for assistance in alleviating back pains.

2) The last time I was at the Chiropractor (August), he made a "neck adjustment" on me resulting in one of my carotid arteries being dissected (completely blocked). From this point in time, I have been in a life-threatening situation due to possible clots which could travel to my brain and cause permanent damage.

3) I have been advised that a surgery may be necessary depending on rather the artery heals itself. The surgery is risky and life-threatening due to the instability of the artery (clotting).

Any help would be appreciated!

Matt Skiles
Cell: 512-694-8604

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I don't practice in Texas, but I can tell you this: attorneys who sue doctors for medical malpractice typically will work on a contingency fee. That means they are paid a percentage of whatever settlement or court judgment you may receive. There's no need to look for a "pro bono" attorney. If you have a meritorious claim, there are many lawyers who will consider taking your case. Call your local bar association and ask them if they have a "lawyer referral service." If so, they can point you to a qualified local attorney.

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