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Securities issues. A case will be reopened. Part of the issues are in the bankruptcy case and part are securitites law

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I have a bankruptcy attorney who will draft a good part of the motion but the securities part must be done by a securites attorney and will require likely one court appearance. The material submitted will likely take no more than 5 pages of the entire motion pershpas even less. I would like a quote on this with part of the asepcts being insider trading or the misuse of information to benifit a corporation not an individual along with a lack of full disclosure to the bankrutpcy court. If someone could please give me a quote for this.

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Clearly, one would need more information to provide assistance. But I would be happy to discuss with you off line. I surmise that if you're dealing with insider type matters that there may well be a criminal aspect that will require attention as well.

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Any lawyer would need more info to provide a quote. Is the corporation the debtor in bankruptcy. What is the motion for? Insider trading claims can be tricky as much depends on the relationship between the insider trader and the corporation I would be happy to discuss the issues in detail off line.


This question is very sensitive. You should be doing this in person with someone who knows what they are doing not online.

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