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Section 8 Housing and Child Support

Apple Valley, MN |

Is there anyway to find out whether or not my son's mother is currently receiving section 8 vouchers? I am not as much concerned about how this might affect my child support payments, as much as I am interested in just knowing whether or not she is receiving such vouchers.

Thank you for your time.

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Are you involved in any kind of child support motion. In court? If so, you might be entitled to such information as it may affect your support amount. If not, then you're probably out of luck unless she tells you. That sort of information is usually private. The state can't disclose it without her permission.


As this is not public information, you would most likely not be allowed to receive information regarding your ex's receipt of public assistance, unless you are involved in currently open legal proceedings (such as divorce/child support issues) where this information may be relevant to the proceedings.


I agree with both counsel. There would need to be an open proceeding and the judge would have to order it if your son's mother refused to give it to you.

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Are you involved in an open child support case? If the information is relevant to an upcoming trial, you may be able to request that she discloses the amount of money she is currently paying for rent. If not, the information is private.

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