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Second Petty theft charge?

San Diego, CA |

I recently obtained a ticket for a petty theft charge. However a year ago I pled guilty for a petty theft charge and did a book and release, put on a 3 yr probation and no 4th waiver. I am wondering what will happen to me in court for this second charge?
Obviously the wise thing to do would be to stop stealing but I feel I need serious help with that part, which I am hoping to obtain here shortly.

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You will be charged as a misdemeanor . Start getting therapy for your problem. Bring proof to court. Get an attorney to deal with this.


This will be charged as a misdemeanor. A second time petty theft will probably carry a sentence of jail. Depending on the court and the District Attorney an experienced attorney may be able to get you an alternative to jail.

You should start addressing the issue of why you steal before your court date.

Most attorneys offer a complimentary consultation. Take advantage of this and find an attorney before the arraignment date.


Hire the best locally experienced attorney you can afford. They can get you on a long and short term plan to mitigate, as best as possible, the damage done and get as much done as possible before your first court date.

Law Offices of David Shapiro 3555 4th Avenue San Diego, CA 92103 (619) 295-3555


Which courthouse is it out of?



El Cajon


In addition to your new case you are also looking at a probation violation on your prior case. A petty theft with a prior and a probation violation can result in jail time. You should strongly consider retaining a local experienced criminal lawyer to negotiate on your behalf who can help you avoid jail time. Many lawyers offer free consultations and it would benefit you to speak to some over the phone or in person.

David M. Boertje, Esq.
(619) 229-1870

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Jail (not long). Picking up trash. 4th waiver. Stay away from the place you stole from. Restitution payment. Most of this is negotiable if you hire a good lawyer.

Sounds like you learned your lesson. Stop stealing. You could get your hand chopped off in other parts of the world.

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