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Second dui

Bellflower, CA |

Court gave 96 hours in jail

I turn myself into the same judge on next month to serve the time. I have the choice of 244 hours community service, 15 hours in jail, or 15 days community labor. I was thinking Bout just doing the 15 days seeing the overcrowding and it will be hard to get to the volunteer place seeing I don't have a car. If I do chose the 96 hours plus 15 days And I turn myself in on a Friday how long (approximately of course) will I stay in there ?

I was thinking about doing 15 days* in jail* instead of any of the community service. Sorry i didn't mean 15 hours.

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What? You details have me confused. You have a choice of 244 hours of community service, 15 HOURS in jail, or 15 DAYS community labor. You were thinking of the 15 DAYS? What does that have to do with overcrowding? Do you mean overcrowding of the work release programs? I assume you mean the jail time because you indicated you don't have a car so how do you get there?

Then if you choose 96 HOURS + 15 DAYS? I dont see that as one of your options (at least not that you posted). Are you sure you are understanding your options well? I assume you have a lawyer for this, because no one should plead guilty to a DUI without at least discussing the case with a lawyer. So, you should be discussing these options with your lawyer not random people, who know nothing about your case, over the internet.

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You have either 15 plus 4 or 15 including 4 in actual custody. If the prior then 19 days at 4/2 credits is 10 days max and the latter is 8 days max. You could be cut loose by the Sheriff's at any time if there truly is overcrowding.


I am assuming that you mean Los Angeles County because please be advised that on extra jail terms to serve fines some neighboring counties, such as Ventura, do not give any early kicks. If your sentence is 96 hours plus 15 extra days, then I would not expect you to do any more than 12 days total, however, you would most likely be subject to an early release known as the kick, provided that you do not have any violations of probation or warrants that we are not hearing about. The reason I cannot be more precise is that the Sheriff changes the "kick" on a daily basis in a system only designed to accommodate 19,000 prisoners, and one of the largest jails in the United States. I think the estimate of remand on Friday and get released early the following week is certainly possible. good luck.


There are no guarantees, but my clients recently sent to Los Angeles County jail with 90 days or less have been booked and released. Good luck.

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