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Second Dui/ Fines

York, PA |

im on my 2nd dui, I did jail time, home monitoring, and counseling, ive got left is a fine left of 4185.00 has to be paid by june 2015 my probation end date.... the way the jobs have been since this all happened, im not going to be able to pay it in that time, plus my army vet husband wants me to move do to his depression /temper whos got 2 duis but way less then me. is there anything I can do, besides keep trying to find work, that ultamtely I know will not give me enough to pay in time. that's my worry...

all I can find are temp jobs, that are very short term and my credit isn't enough for a loan, and no one to borrow from .What are my options.

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Attorney answers 4


If you have been compliant and made reasonable effort to pay fines and cost and have in fact paid a good amount toward your fines and costs it is not unheard of for the court to reduce or waive the balance of your fines and costs if there is good cause. You will need to retain counsel to assist you.

This information does not create an attorney /client relationship and should not be use or relied upon to make any decision in your case. Only consultation with your own attorney can provide you with the advice you need for your case.



ive paid about 2.000 so far


You will need to petition the court


I agree with Mr. Zucker. It may be premature to petition the court but make your concerns known to your PO. Go back to your original attorney, if possible, and ask that they help you petition the court for a waiver or reduction. He/she will also have to contact your PO and see if they agree with what you are trying to do. Good luck.


I do not see the Court reducing the fines or costs especially since some are mandatory. The Court will often time extend the sentence to allow for more time to pay. Pay what you can and I'm sure the Court will work with you. Good luck.