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Seatbelt violation in California. I got a seatbelt violation. How much is the fine for seatbelt violation.

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Seatbelt violation in California. I got a seatbelt violation ticket in November. How much is the fine for seatbelt violation in Orange County. Do I have to attend traffic school and will it give me a point in the record. I think seatbelt violation is like a parking ticket violation, it is non-moving violation.

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I am not a California attorney but from my research it looks like the cost of a seat belt ticket has more than tripled, now costly generally from $76 to $89 for a first offense, depending upon the county.


Fortunately a seatbelt violation is a non point moving violation. Unfortunately, it can run you about $150, or more to pay it. Do not fail to deal with this and go to warrant.


The fine is only a portion of the charge. Added to the fine are a plethora of court fees and cost. So while the out of state lawyer may be right about the amount of "fine," the actual cost will make the entire bill more than double the listed "fine.

But as the last responder said -- don't delay, get it paid or you will be looking at a whole lot more in the way of cost and charges.

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Seatbelt violations typically cost around $150+.

The more important part, as the last responder claimed, is the failure to do anything about the ticket. If you don't show up, you will likely face not only a warrant, but civil fees that will likely triple the original amount of the fine.

A Lawyer can aid you in attempting to keep the fines low; call a few and set up some free consults.