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Schooling for mediator and paralegal?

Sacramento, CA |

What should I major in I I wanted to become a mediator for a family court. Would I major in the same thing if I decided to go in the direction of a paralegal?

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In general, it does not matter what you major in to be a mediator or a paralegal as there are no specific requirements. Clearly courses in writing will be beneficial as a paralegal and attention to detail is a must for paralegals. Many colleges offer paralegal courses and you may want to consider those, even if you do not choose the major.

For a mediator, there are benefits to non-traditional majors. While having a major like psychology or social work would be a great benefit to family mediation, majors like civil engineering or computer science are invaluable to mediators who work on construction or intellectual property cases. One mediator I know with computer science degree maintains a full schedule of mediation because of her uniqueness in mediating complicated cases involving intellectual property. Likewise, if you are mediating medical malpractice cases, pre-med courses will be of great benefit.

In the end, major in something you enjoy and try to get a well-rounded education. You will want to be able to have a general knowledge of several different areas as a mediator as there are always many issues that arise in mediation.

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It really doesn't matter, but I would suggest majoring in psychology if you wanted to be a family law mediator. Mediators must be good listeners and facioitators.

If you wanted to become a paralegal, I suggest majoring in English. Paralegals must be extremely attentive to details.

But again, your college major truly doesn't matter that much, so long as you enjoy learning new things. Both professions are a learning journey, not a destination.

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