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School Zone speeding ticket, but no children were present.

Issaquah, WA |

I got a $210 speeding ticket near Issaquah High School for going 30 in a 20 (school zone posted). The sign says "when children present" but it does not have the blinking yellow light. There were not children present at the time. School starts at 9:45am on Wed. and I got the ticket at 9:10am. I was taking my son early and was the only car on the road. No children were in the vicinity. The question is: should I check "contest-I did not commit this infraction" on the ticket since I do not believe the school zone should be enforced and the speed limit would be 25mph, or should I declare mitigating and explain that there were no children present when I see the judge? I was speeding 5mph over the posted 25. How should I plea? Thank you very much.

I have a similar situation to yours. There was no children present on the street but I got a speeding ticket for driving 25. The police said there's a school bus in the loading zone (which I found out later when I drove further the bus is at least 300 feet away from me and it's in the other side of school building and impossible for me to see from where I was stopped). I checked Contest but haven't received the scheduled date yet. I would like to know what happen to your verdict....

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If you wish to contest the ticket, as in you think you did not commit the infraction, you should check the contested hearing box.

The mitigation box is for those people who know the committed the infraction, but wish to explain the circumstances to the judge and ask for a lower fine (and lower fines are not available in school zone infraction cases).

If you want to keep the ticket from affecting your insurance premiums, you need to first begin by checking the contested box.

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