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Hello in May 2011 I started school for pharmacy technician at Kaplan College Vista Ca, when I signed up for school I was told by my counselor that by graduation time I would have my license. So in good faith I signed up for school there. On September 15th I turned in my application for my license with all documents filled correctly and paid out of my pocket $80 for fingerprints for DOJ and FBI. I was also told again that I should have my license by graduation in Feb. 2012. Well December came and the school notified us that they forgot to send in our paperwork and they will send it out promptly. They didn’t send them out till Jan 20th 2012 because we had to fill out another paper that they said we needed. By then I was already employed by a pharmacy which I told that I should have my license soon just waiting on it. well today march 3rd 2012 I received a letter from the board of pharmacy stating I have to redo my finger prints because they expired due to the time it took for them to receive my application. What should I do? I am at the point where I want a refund and compensation for the time I put in to go to school put my family in rags so I can better my self for them and nothing was accomplished. Now the school wants me to start paying them back. This is ridiculous. Please help me on what I should do because I feel like giving up.

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I am not clear what caused your fingerprints to become stale / expire. If your school is responsible for this, you may be able to obtain some compensation. Concerning repayment of your student loans, most school loans offer deferment, forbearance, etc. Speak to your school counselor to learn your choices.


What should you do? Are you serious? Get your new set of fingerprints in right away!

The school cost you three months and you can sue them for that in small claims court if you like. But three months is nothing over the span of your intended career. Don't be ridiculous with your talk about giving up. Get your prints in and jump promptly thru any other hoops that are put in front of you as well until you have that license in your hand. And then, make darn sure that you keep jumping through the hoops put in front of you by California's Pharmacy Board -- whatever and whenever.

A pharmacy career is a goldmine over the course of your life. Don't even think about screwing up now just because you are ticked off at some bureaucratic error. Your future is paved with bureaucratic errors that haven't even occurred yet. But they will. You just keep doing what you are supposed to do and cashing those checks. That's why they call it work.

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I agree especially with Attorney Mccall.

First and foremost get your new set of prints in. Second, if is indeed the school that you need to pay back and not some third party creditor, write them and detail the course of conduct and failures on their part to meet their obligations. This will not elimate your debt (you after all did get a degree and education, thus have received something). However, this ought to get you some forebarance on thier attempts to collect from you.

If you borrowed from some other lender however, your misfortune vis-a-vis the school is not the lender's problem. You need to make whatever arangements you can with them, then pursue the school in court for the actual damages thier failures have caused.

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