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Scenario of Banning Online Gambling in United States? What can be done regarding this?

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I have recently come to know about the lifting of ban of Online Gambling in United States. I support all the issues that the has come up with.
Politics is involved here.

But I wanted to know why is online gambling like poker is not banned in countless number of countries which bring $100 Billion + revenues and has not been proved that it is a game of chance and ruins economy. What can be further done from people.

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As you noted, gambling is a highly political issue.

If you want to change gambling laws, you will need to organize millions of similarly-minded individuals to press for appropriate legislation at the federal, state and local levels. Even then, your efforts probably will be dwarfed by those of well-funded organizations that make there preferences known on either side of the issue.

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You are asking policy questions, not legal ones. The remedy you are seeking a legislative. Contact your elected representative and let them know your concerns about the laws in relation to online gambling...

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L. Vincent Ramunno Jr.

L. Vincent Ramunno Jr.


excellent point


If you're interested in this issue relative poker I would direct you to the two plus two online poker forum where you will find links to all sorts of organizations and people fighting on this issue. AS you may be aware the issue is different for games of skill, like poker than it is for games that are purely those of chance, such as roullette. This is as you say, an area where there is alot of politics as well as hypocrisy, as most States run lotteries, make tons taxing casinos, etc.

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