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Scam debt collector keeps calling me at work even though i told him not to call me he keeps harassing me.

Oak Lawn, IL |

I already file a compliant with the FTC i know its a scam I already googled the numbers that they call me from. A lot of people were harass by them also. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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You should ignore the calls and ask your phone company to block the number. Do not give any of your personal information to the collector.

I suspect you took a payday loan in the past few years. Most of the scams I've seen deal with people that have taken out payday loans in the past. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know.

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My manager told them to stop calling and that he was gonna call the police and report them. They didnt call today hopefully the calls will stop soon thanks again!

Elisabeth A. Mohr

Elisabeth A. Mohr


The below answers are helpful, but my experience with the fake debt collectors is that usually they are located outside the U.S. and a FDCPA attorney will not be able to help. The best policy is to ignore the phone calls. They will stop once they realize they can't scare money or personal information out of you.


If this person conitnues to call, get his name and the name of the company (even if fake) and keep a record of every time you receive a call. Tell him he is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If he continues, hire an attorney who specializes in this area. of law If you win, your attorney's fees will be paid plus you will receive a cash settlement from the fine imposed upon the company.


Keep very close records of who calls, when and from what number. Even if the info seems fake, write it down. After a couple weeks of keeping this journal search for a "Fair Debt Collections" attorney and they will easily be able to file a case for you in federal court. Due to the harsh penalties to the creditors for violating the act most attorneys will take this on a contingent basis as legal fees are included in the penalties and built right into the statute.


The debt collector should not call you at work because it is consider an "inconvenient place" to contact a person under federal law. Tell them that it is an "inconvenient place" to contact you. I would recommend recording the call when you tell them not to contact you at work because it is an inherently inconvenient place to do so (however, if Illinois you must get the caller's permission ahead of time to record the call, so make sure to do that). Or ask for the contact information for the debt collector's legal department and send a certified letter return receipt requested. In the letter, request for them to stop calling you at work because it is considered an inconvenient place under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Also, you may ask them to stop contacting you altogether by disputing the debt in a letter. Include a paragraph in your letter reads:
"I am writing this request that you stop communications to me about account number _____ with ______(insert lender's name). The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 15 U.S.C. s. 1692c(c), requires that you honor my request.
[Then consider adding a statement that you are disputing the debt and why/request verification of the debt and that the debt collector has a right to collect/or why you might not be able to pay at this time.]
Then keep a record of the letter and that you sent it. If they continue to call you after that contact a consumer lawyer. Many lawyers will pursue FDCPA claims on a contingency basis.

The information in this answer is not intended as legal advice nor do I intend to create an attorney-client relationship with any reader simply by answering this question or contributing as a member of AVVO.

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