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Say cops come in my house looking for someone and they have a warrant for them and they find something illegal can they put the

Fergus Falls, MN |

whole house on lock til they get a search warrant even though thats not the reason for them to come in?

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The short answer is yes. There is nothing inherently unlawful about holding the scene while they wait for a judge to issue a warrant.

The real question is whether there is some other illegality. Did the arrest warrant really give them reason to enter your house? Did they see the illegal item in plain sight? Or did they have to conduct further search for it? So there are a lot of nuances that may or may not be present.

You should politely tell police you will not consent to any searches. And then find a lawyer you can speak to privately about this.


As the other counsel has stated, whether they can "freeze the scene" depends on how they came to know there was other illegal items in a home other than those specified by the warrant.



Whether they can use what they found depends in details the defense attorney will research.

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