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Samuel Merritt University (SMU)

San Francisco, CA |

SMU forces students to have medical insurance as I am sure is required, but unless the student is on an employer's insurance program or spouse's employers, or parents' employer, they are forced to buy from SMU's provider. It is expensive and covers hardly anything and has high deductible. MOST students are not happy about it, but take it because of no other choice and if anyone complains, they get a response like, "we are not perfect, but are working on resolving the issues and changing policies." Lip service. about 450-500 students a year, ~$4K/year for garbage insurance, is a lot of money. Someone must be greasing palms or getting them greased. Good for a Class Action.

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A class action is not an all-purpose vehicle or mechanism for changing business practices that one does not like or find attractive. Class actions are not plebiscites. A class action, like all other lawsuits, must be premised on the fact of a legal obligation by the defendants to the plaintiffs (all of them) and an act or omission that breaches that legal obligation and thereby causes actual damage. If you don't like the business practices of one school, you are free to apply to and enroll in another. If you just want to get a law passed or modified, that can be accomplished far faster and easier than a class action lawsuit, assuming that your proposal can find support with lawmakers. Contact your elected representatives to the state legislature, your Congresspersons, and elected and appointed officials throughout state government with subject matter accountability for schools and medical insurance.

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Health insurance is expensive. I see no cause of action here.

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