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Sampling tracks for hip-hop / rap beats for non-profit.

Midlothian, TX |

There is a lot of myths and rumors about sampling someone else's music for your own, but I don't know what is true and I'd rather not take any chances. Again, I am sampling for non-profit, and I am a completely independent producer.

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Non-profit and independent status have no role in liability for copyright infringement. Sampling has always been very controversial. See the movie Copyright Criminals for a discussion on the subject.


If you want to know for sure, as you say you do, hire a copyright attorney, preferably a music industry attorney. Independence is not a defense and working for a non profit is not a defense. This does not appear to be fair use. You will likely need licenses if you want to be safe and legal.

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Unless there is something unusual in your particular situation which is not disclosed in your question, you will need a license from the owner of the sampled recording, plus a license from the publisher of the sampled composition. There is a fairly standard protocol for obtaining such licenses. Expect to pay an initial advance for both licenses. Good luck.

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