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Same thing happened to me but mines was a relative.

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i went to the court date and clarifield it wasent my, but its still on my record.dmv says that i need a letter from the police department since i went to court, they said the court doc's never came but the police report came. my problem is no one want to help.they act like they want to at first. but after that first phone call i never hear from them again and they dont answer or call back this has been goin on for about 3yrs. what should i do

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If the Police Department will not give you the letter that the court told you to get when you go to the Police Department, you may want to go back to the court and tell the person who told you to get it.

In the meantime, you can send this form to DMV asking them to correct their records


The easy thing to do is hire a lawyer and let him fix it for you. We do know a little about the law.
Or you can keep working on it yourself.
DMV asking them to correct their records
Contact a lawyer in your state
You need to talk to an attorney!
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I agree with the above attorneys. You can go to to find a lawyer in your area that may be able to help you.