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Sallie Mae Private Student loans and bankruptcy

San Diego, CA |

I filed bankruptcy and was discharged in January. I'm still in graduate school and up until the point of my filing all my loans with Sallie Mae were deferred. Once I filed, they put the two loans I had with co-signer into default and send coupon book to co-signer to pay (which I've been paying), the remaining loans, they sent me during the automatic stay 3 coupons to pay starting immediately after discharge. They REFUSE to send me anything else and REFUSE to let me know how much I owe. What can I do here? I do not want to keep paying them for the rest of my life, is there a way I can get them to at least send me a bill or coupon book to let me know what is left to pay?

I'm dealing directly with Sallie Mae only. I don't have a co-signer on the loans I am referring to (sorry for the confusion, I have 4 loans with Sallie Mae, two have co-signers, two do not). They won't speak to my co-signer on the loans that they are not a co-signer on. I know the total amount I owe, but without a bill I won't know if the amount they said I had to pay last month is the same as what I will have to pay this month and so on. Without a bill or coupon book, if the interest rate goes up and I'm a few pennies under, they can charge me a fee for not paying the full amount and put the loan in default, so what do I do, guess what the amount should be? I also do not know how long I am going to be making these payments. This is what I want to know and this is what Sallie Mae refuses to tell me. I don't see why they might be concerned about the discharge and being in violation of it, since they didn't have any qualms about contacting me during the automatic stay to send me the original three coupons.

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Without filing a law suit, which would be costly, you have no way to force anyone to do anything. Your question is a little sparse in terms of the entity with whom you are dealing. But, you listed the debt in the bankruptcy schedules and so you knew what was owed when you filed, and you should be able to track your payments.

It may be that they are concerned that they would be in violation of the discharge order, which is rediculous since we all know that students loans are virtually impossible to discharge in BKC.

Why don't you have the co-signer to be the one to contact the creditor, which did not mind sending a coupon book to that person?

It sure beats having to pay money for a nonsensical law suit.

Good luck.

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