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S it legal for an adult to be in an adult assisted living program without their acknowledgement or consent?

Owensboro, KY |

i have a friend who believes that years ago when he went through a very stressful period in his life that his family secretly enrolled him in a program without his acknowledgement. at first i thought he was going crazy although upon reviewing all of his proof, pictures, and statements i firmly believe without a doubt he is being monitored by some sort of program without his consent or acknowledgement, this would of have to have been done secretly without his knowing what steps should he take in finding out the truth

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Attorney answers 1


This all sounds very strange. Has anyone contacted the agency or program that allegedly is monitoring your friend? How did he get "enrolled"? Who enrolled him? How has this monitoring effected him? The paperwork which you suggest ypou have seen should offer some clues. Has he ever been adjudicated disabled in managing his personal or financial affairs? If so, that might have been the source of the "enrollment." If you or your friend want to pursue this, it is not for an attorney, but an investigator, at least for now.