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Running out of time to find a criminal attorney to help fight federal charges against my boyfriend for child pornography.

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My boyfriend is facing sexual/internet federal charges. My boyfriend has never been in trouble before and before his investigation had a good job. We were both currently trying to get out of debt so we do not have any money to hire an attorney. We have seen multiple attorney's but they are asking for the money upfront. I am unsure where I can find a pro bono attorney or someone who can offer affordable payments. We are unsure what to do, can someone please help?

We, of course, are not familiar with the search warrant, which is also something we have questions about.

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It is unlikely that you would find an attorney that would take on a federal criminal case pro bono. They are complicated, tedious, time consuming and indigent defendants can have a lawyer appointed to them by the court. If you and/or your boyfriend really cannot afford an attorney the court will appoint one to him. You may want to reach out to the Federal Defenders in your jurisdiction to determine the qualifications. If it is determined that he is not entitled to free representation you should consider reaching out to the local bar associations. They may be able to direct you to attorneys who might be willing to take on the matter for a lower than usual fee and would be willing to work out a payment schedule with you. Good Luck!


your boyfriend needs to worry more about federal charges ruining the rest of his life rather than getting out of debt. Hire any attorney immediately!

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I completely agree with the other attorneys. Federal charges are NO JOKE. The MOST important thing right now is to get an attorney. Right now. Use a credit card, borrow the money, sell something, or ask family for a loan.

I can tell you that if your boyfriend is or ever has been in the military he may be entitled to free representation. As the other counselor suggested, check with your local bar.

Please take action. Do not let your ideas of debt get in the way (unless of course you don't mind him going to a federal prison).

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Unforunatley people never expect to be charged criminally and are not prepared for the expense of legal representation to defend their freedom. However, your boyfriend's number one priority should now be to figure out a way to hire a competent defense attorney. His freedom depends on it.

There are many attorneys that offer payment plans. Follow the suggestions of the previous posts and keep looking.


Go to the federal defender page and start reading the materials. I saw a good one that I have only skimmed regarding child pornography discovery.

The link is listed below.

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Don't miss any opportunity for a search & seizure suppression hearing.