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Rules and procedure of mediation in divorce child custody under WA mediation laws

Tacoma, WA |

Mt husband and I were divorced in WA State and I have custody of our 2 children. My 14 year old daughter would now like to go live with her father and we have been ordered to mediation as per our divorce decree. The opposing council is trying to tell me I cannot have my new husband in the mediation. 1st, can he decide that, and secondly, he is saying that if I will not agree to those terms we will just go to court.What is involved in that?

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Opposing counsel cannot dictate who you bring along for support in a mediation. In most mediations the parties aren't even in the same room. If yours happens to be a mediation where you and your ex are in the same room, then certains guideline as to who else can speak or be present may need to be ruled on by the mediator, as part of the process.