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Roommates stole my property

Gilbert, AZ |

I was renting a house in Gilbert Arizona, i allowed a couple to move in with me on a roommate basis. We ended up having to move out the first of Dec. I was away from the house for about two weeks in phoenix with my mother. when i returned to move my belongings to storage my roommates were moving the same day. i then relized that all of my property: waher, dryer, brand new living room and bed room sets, among many other things were not there. they had said that when they returned from holiday 2 days earlier that everything in the house had been moved, however not there computer or belongings in the garage. (so only my things) i filled a ploice report and the police are in agreeance with me that my roommates took my property however at this point we have no physical evidance being that we do not know were the items are located. What should I dao?

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