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Ripped off by a lawyer

Katy, TX |

I have a serious discrepancy with the amt. I was billed for a divorce. When I first spoke with my lawyer, prior to me working with them, they informed me that there ave. divorce fee was approximately 5K$. My exhusband and I had agreed on everything except he wanted a geographical restriction and I did not. However, within 2 months I agreed. We had 1 house and 2 children in which we agreed that I would get. there was nothing else to sever. I gave them 3K4 in the beginning and have paid about 6K4 dollars. they sent me a bill for 11K$ How could this be? It is extortion. I filed in July and the attorney didnt file my case until November but I was told that he had would file it on that following Monday. My child support wage withholding order was done in November as well, however they were billing me for a plethora of things. It ended up being a huge mess in which they switched my attorney in November. My divorce wasn't finalized until June. What can I do and what rights do I have? As a citizen of the U.S. there must be something legally that can be done because people shouldn't be lied to and ripped off. Please help me.

Truly disappointed and ripped off,

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Attorney answers 2


Read your contract with the attorney and/or his firm. It should tell you the hourly rates and the expenses you are required to pay. Then read all your billing to see if there are entries for items which are not mentioned in the contract. This will give you a clearer picture of the work and expenses and a basis for disputing the bill. You could sue if you truly believe you have been cheated.

As for the dealys, I understand your frustration.


If your attorney is a member of the Houston Bar Association, you can go to them as they have a free Fee Dispute Committee which does arbitrations if both sides agree. You can also contact the Client Assistance Program of the State Bar in Austin for assistance.