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Rights as a land contract buyer

Darlington, WI |

im buying a house from my sister on land contract and was wondering what rights i have while im living in the home i'am buying from my sister?
she keeps telling me i have to get permission from her for every little thing i do in the house and tells me i must get her aproval on any roommates i move in or any little thing i want to put in the house like birds,small dogs.all's my land contract states says is i agree to all maintenece and repairs and agree to pay taxes on the house every year and house insurance.
can my sister rule me like that?im tired of being treated as if im a tennant instead of a home buyer and it feels like as if she's still living in the house and dont wanna let go and its driving me mad!!!!

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Once you buy the home from her, your rights are free and clear.

Sarah Lynn Ruffi

Sarah Lynn Ruffi


Unless there are restrictions in the land contract regarding what you can or cannot do with the home, you are entitled to the rights and responsibilities of homeownership.


I would be very careful buying any real estate on a land contract. As a buyer, you are giving up a LOT of rights that you would normally have under a traditional mortgage. For instance, a land contract seller can foreclose on you in a matter of days instead of months/years.

Feel free to give me a call to discuss this matter further.

Atty. Knupp

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