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Right of hearing , eviction, move out. should i wait for any letter from associaton thretening legal action to ask for hearing

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my tenant had rented the unit for 3 years from the association. yes. the condo association was the owner for 3 years when the association foreclosed on the unit and taken title to the unit. later,I bought the unit at mortgage foreclosure auction to rent. now the association says the tenant has to move out because I am a new owner and any new owner should wait a one year ownership before renting.
tenant has been living there so long she does not want to move out. I don't want her to move out either. the association says by 30th July she has to move out.
I know i have the right for a hearing in front of non board member committee. should i ask for the hearing before the 30th of july, or I should wait till the association send me letter asking me why tenant still living in the unit and any

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If you have notice of their position, act now rather than waiting. If you get into a violation situation and a court rules for the association, they can fine you, take you to court, and make you pay their attorney's fees. You need to talk to a lawyer familiar with real estate and condo association issues.


Ask them for a variance and let them know this is selective enforcement since they didn't wait the year and they have to obey the rules too.

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