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Revoked license in CA from 2 DUIs 10 years ago, now I live in WA. Will this prevent me from getting my license in this state?

Seattle, WA |

I completed any court obligations in CA for the DUIs, but never did complete the multi year classes, and subsequently my suspended license became revoked. Now many years later, i need to get a licensed again to get better chances at employment. I mailed off to the national driver registrar, and they said it shows that my driving privilege is revoke in CA only. Will I be able to just apply for a license in WA as if I never had one?

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Both Washington and California are members of the driver license interstate compact which means that they share information on suspensions due to criminal convictions. Washington will require you to resolve the problems in CA before issuing you a license.


The quick answer is no. WA Department of LIcensing will not issue a driver's license to you until you have resolved the revocation in CA. You should immediately contact CA's DMV and ask them how to resolve the revocation down there. Only after that revocation is resolved with WA issue a license to you