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Revoked CDL

Spokane, WA |

The state is disqualifying my CDL. My doctor authorized the use of one of my wife's pills as an on call decision then called in my RX the next business day. Before I could pick up the RX my employer sent me for a random drug test of which detected the Tylenol 3 he had OK'd for me to take of my wife's. My doctor has written a letter verifying the above of which my employer has accepted without question. The drug testing company however sent this test as failed to the state. What options do I have?

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The lab can only report what they find. But, if you are legally authorized to take the medication, that is good enough in most states, unless you have a job such as air Traffic controller in which they heavily regulate what medications you can take while on duty.


As the previous attorney states, if your doctor authorized you to take the medication, you should not lose your license. I would provide documentation to the Department of Licensing of everything you've described above, and appeal their decision to revoke your CDL. There may be administrative deadlines for any possible appeals, so be sure to respond in a timely manner. You may also wish to consult an attorney experienced in dealing with administrative law issues.

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Valerie Farris