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Revocation time in colorado for third DUI?

Colorado Springs, CO |

time frame from date of offense, isn't it 1 year from the ticket? according to the DMV paperwork I have a 2 year revocation, eligibility for interlock after a year. Date of ticket 12/17/2012 The paperwork says 03/15/2015 Should'nt it be 12/17/2013 to start interlock which I have to carry for 2 years?

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No. The period of revocation begins when the DMV first revokes your driving privileges, which is never the date of offense. Depending on whether the revocation is from multiple administrative revocations or multiple criminal convictions will determine when the effective date is, what the date of regular reinstatement is and what the date of eligibility is for early reinstatement.

The DMV never sends notice of when you are eligible for early reinstatement. All mailings and Order of Revocations show only date of regular reinstatement. You must call them and have your record analyzed for early reinstatement to obtain that date and to verify the reinstatement requirements.

Also, the law changes 1/1/14 regarding reinstatement so you may be eligible as of 1/1/14. Talk to your attorney about this if you have one. Otherwise, call the DMV after 12/1/13 and ask them to analyze your record for early reinstatement based on the changes to reinstatement requirements as a result of HB1240.

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Great advice from Mr. Orr, who is seriously who all of us other attorneys (regardless of experience) rely on in matters relating to DMV. He is simply the Yoda and Obi Wan of all things DMV in the State of Colorado.

The information provided in this answer does not create an attorney-client relationship and is not considered to be legal advice.


Depends when you lost your license.


A Rhidian mentioned, the length of revocation and date of eligibility for early reinstatement depends on the date and circumstances of your revocation(s). I would simply add that if you were revoked for a refusal, which would result in a two-year revocation if you were convicted of DUI or had a prior DUI/DWAI, that time period will be changing as of Jan 1 with the new laws. You really do need to speak with an attorney about the specifics of your case, but it sounds like you should be eligible for interlock one-year from the date your license was initially revoked.

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