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Reversing and claiming Homestead

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We are about 4 months into our bankruptcy and it has become clear that we did not claim homestead. Out Trustee sent a buyer unannounced that advised he made an offer on our home and wanted to see it. Oh my... Apparently, we did not understand what we said yes to. I was very clear that we wanted to keep our home and now they are trying to take it. I want to change and claim homestead. What can happen? Can we turn over personal property to the trustee? There is nothing we own inside the home that we cannot live without.

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You need to go see an attorney right away. If one filed your case for you, got to him or her. If you did this on your own, go find one now.

FL exemptions are complex. Your home is potentially at stake. Go get the help you need.


Sounds like you filed without an attorney. This error could cost you your home. Meet with a BK attorney ASAP and take ALL your Bk documents with you. Good luck.

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You have the right to amend your exemptions. Having foregone the homestead exemption gave you and your wife an additional $8000 "wildcard" exemption, which you will lose if you claim the homestead. It is the default position to avoid claiming homestead where there is no equity in the home. Recently, a new bread of bottom feeders have begun offering trustees nominal sums to buy non-exempt real property. They will typically rent out the property for as long as a foreclosure requires and make back their nominal investment in just a few months.

Once you amend your exemptions, interested parties have 30 days to object to the exemptions, as amended.

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Diane L Gruber

Diane L Gruber


But you can't do the amendments yourself. Invest in a competent BK attorney.


You need to amend your papers to add the homestead exempetion ASAP!!!!!! You should seek legal advice from a bankruptcy lawyer IMMEDIATELY!!

Lawrence J. Marraffino
Gainesville Bankruptcy Lawyer
Florida Bar Board Certified Attorney

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Your issues are too important now not to hire a lawyer.

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