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Retaliation on the job for whistleblower

Detroit Lakes, MN |

I brought forth information in 2012 that Medicare face/face home health forms were being photo shopped to appear that MD had signed them Since this time my job has been retaliation and harassment and I now wish to file suit

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You do not seem to be asking a question. You are making a statement that you are going to file a lawsuit. You need to consult with and then hire an attorney to represent you. There are many ways to find an attorney. Avvo lists attorneys by location and specialty. You can also consult friends that have hired attorneys to obtain references. I would suggest that you interview a couple of different attorney and then decide which seems the best match for you.

The information that I am providing is general information based on my understanding of your question. You cannot and should not rely on this general advice in making legal decisions. There may be important information that you did not include in your question that could drastically change the advice an attorney that was fully informed would give you. I am not your attorney. My response does not create an attorney client relationship.


It's not entirely clear what has happened from what you've written here. If you reported a violation and your employer has retaliated against you for doing so, you should contact a Minnesota employment law attorney. Once your attorney has all the facts, he/she will be able to better advise you on the viability of your claims. Good luck.

Joe Larson

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If you reported something that you reasonably believed to be illegal or a violation of public policy to your employer or an outside authority and were terminated because of that report then you may have a claim as a "whistleblower." You should contact an employment lawyer in Minnenesota (assuming that is where you were working) immediately.


You could have several potential claims here under federal or state law. There is a state whistleblower statute: There may also be a False Claims Act or Qui Tam case under federal law, see e.g. See,

This posting does not establish an attorney-client relationship, nor can it be construed as legal advice.