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Retaliation at employment and the company internal reviews

Long Beach, CA |

If you were retaliated and terminated and the company spent over 4 months on internal review (predispute arbitration clause) after the wrongful termination - how does these time lines play if you were to take it the arbitration soon after the unfavorable conclusion of the internal reviews?

Any special claims to get the back pay for the months spent on internal reviews after the wrongful termination?

Do you still need to take it to the arbitration within 6 months from termination? But arbitration only follows the internal reviews that are controlled by the former employer. The claim is also eligible under SOX Act. If you didn't file the arbitration claim, immediately after the wrongful termination, can you still hammer the employer under the SOX Act in arbitration?

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Attorney answers 2


This may well be the fourth time you have posted on your issues. You have been advised many times that your best approach is to find and consult with an employment law attorney. That is still the best advice you could get, but it seems you want to continue to try to get complex strategic advice from attorneys who have no intimate knowledge of the facts and circumstances of your matter. At best, what you can get here will be insufficient to rely upon to make the right kinds of decisions in your complex matter.

If you do not want to take the advice you are given, why continue to ask for it?

Good luck to you.

This answer should not be construed to create any attorney-client relationship. Such a relationship can be formed only through the mutual execution of an attorney-client agreement. The answer given is based on the extremely limited facts provided and the proper course of action might change significantly with the introduction of other facts. All who read this answer should not rely on the answer to govern their conduct. Please seek the advice of competent counsel after disclosing all facts to that attorney. This answer is intended for California residents only. The answering party is only licensed to practice in the State of California.


I'd advise against attempting to resolve something of this nature through this medium. Sounds like you need an attorney, who can learn the facts of your particular case and provide you with informed insight as to what your options are. Otherwise, as the other attorney pointed out, you are spinning your wheels here. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it would be bad practice, if not entirely malpractice, for an attorney to advise you as to a definite course of action based on the limited information available here.

Seek counsel. Sounds like your issue definitely warrants it.

Good luck.