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Restricted License and What does that mean and am I able to get my Driving Privilege back to normal?

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I got a restricted license to go to and from school, work and DUI it says it remains in effect until August 2010..Am I able to get my Normal License back? Why am I being penalized for paying the fees and enrolling in a program and filing AN SR-22? What does this mean, Help?

This is my first time, no bad record ever.. Poor judgment on my part. I did the 30 day hard suspension and was eligible to get a Restricted License..Now is this because they are allowing me time to complete the DUI Program and I would complete it in the middle of June instead of the beginning,which the class is 15 weeks??

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You aren't being penalized -- you applied for a restricted license, which is exactly what you received.

It sounds like your license was suspended by DMV after a hearing for driving with a blood alcohol level over .08%.

For people over 21 who have no prior DUI convictions or suspensions, and who did not refuse a chemical test, there are two options:

1) A four-month "hard" suspension, with no driving at all.
2) Serving 30 days of complete suspension, then applying to DMV for a restricted license for the next five months.

Your restrictions are the standard terms.

I guess you could contact DMV and ask if you can return the restricted license and go without a license altogether until June, so you can get your full license back sooner... but I'm not sure about that because I always carefully explain the options to my clients, so I've never encountered the issue before.


This isn't a penalty, it's a reduction of the penalty. Allowing you to work and attend the school. At the end of the restriction you can get your license back.

Edward J. Blum

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