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Restraining Order is in place. How do you verify if respondent had a concealed weapons permit and surrendered it properly

Palm Beach, FL |

To police. Fear continues on. I would like to know if the aggressor is keeping his guns. And what to do if so. Thanks.

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If an temporary or permanent injunction for protection against domestic violence has been ordered by a judge, one of the conditions is generally that the respondent not possess any firearms. It would be a violation of a court order for him/her to keep them. However, if you have a fear that the respondent possesses firearms, you should report it to the local police agency where they live. Typically, if a respondent owns a firearm, I will have the petitioner indicate that on the petition for the injunction so that the police officer serving the injunction knows about it and can take actions to have the respondent surrender the firearm. The police agency where the firearms may have been surrendered would have a list of what have been turned in by the respondent. If you contact the agency, they will tell you how to go about getting the records related to your case.


If the respondent has been served with the ex parte petition he will be advised to surrender his weapons and file a notice of his surrendering his arms with the court.