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Restraining order and consequences.

Cambridge, MA |

I had a restraining order from my partner, we both did not show up to the hearing, is there consequences by not showing up? we are currently living toguether again. I am a permanent resident of the US, Will the restraining order prevent me from traveling outside the US or from obtaining a Citizenship?

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I cannot speak to the affect it may have on Citizenship; however if you both did not show at the hearing then it is likely the Restraining Order was vacated. If your partner did show at the hearing and you did not, then it is likely it was continued for a period of one year. I would recommend you go to the Court and obtain a copy of the vacated Order to confirm.

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If neither of you showed up at the extension hearing, the order would have expired on its own and no further action is required on your part. Record of the short-term initial order, however, does appear on the state domestic violence registry. A restraining order is civil, not criminal, in nature and should not have a negative impact on your status as a lawful permanent resident nor prevent you from becoming a citizen.

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