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Restitution repayment question for criminal case

Somerset, WI |

Hi, I committed a crime in 2002 and was convicted and spent time in prison for that and then was put on extended supervision. I owe restitution and have been paying it every month and have never missed a payment. I am about to go off extended supervision and I am worried about my restitution payments. I have every intention of paying every month as I have been doing, but I am worried that the person I owe the restitution to will come after me in a law suit. I am on social security and married, everything we own, house, cars, etc is in my husband's name and he is also retired. Can the person come after me for the whole amount in court even though I have been making payments every month faithfully, can I still just pay my monthly restitution payments without having to worry.

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What did the sentencing agreement order your attorney did for you back in 2002 say?

That is a key document. We can't see it or access it here online


The remaining restitution you still owe will be converted to a civil judgment, so there should be no reason to pursue a new lawsuit. The victim could potentially choose to pursue you more aggressively using regular collection means at that point but my best guess would be that the person would just continue accepting whatever payments you send in. Pay an attorney for a consultation if you want to be more sure about this.

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