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Restitution Question. I'm not too educated on this subject so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm asking on behalf of a family member. Say I owe $25,000 in restitution, but the criminal restitution for jail-time, (Unless I'm wrong and that's not what it's called) Is there a cap on the weekly payments of said restitution? Does it scale with your income?

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The attorney representing the accused is in the best position to answer the question. Typically, the Court and the probation department will work out a payment plan.


Reasonable payment plans based upon income are generally available. However, no payments due to no income is not an option. Something needs to be paid each month at least. You can ask for a hearing to determine how much you must pay but don't expect it to be $20 a month on $25k.


Usually you can work out income based repayment, having an attorney handle this matter is your best bet.

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