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Responsibility for damages to vehicle on private property?

Vista, CA |

Was at job interview in remote area if Aguanga, Ca. After the interview I went out the same way way I went in. There was a 1/2" unmarked cable strung across the exit, which I did not see til it was too late. The soft ground prevented me from stopping before I ran under the cable causing damage to vehicle. I went back to where I left and asked how to get out of there and was advised I went the correct way. I then informed them about the cable which they didn't even know there was a cable to string across road. Was told property owner would pay for the damages, which now he is refusing until after the repair is done. Can he legally make me do this, or is he responsible for payment before the work is done? I have no guarantee he will pay for the repairs when the work is finished.

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Can he legally make you fix it? No.
Does he have to pay you? No.
Can you sue him and win? Yes.


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