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Residential real estate structuring & contract drafting

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Residential property purchase contract draft in Raleigh / Durham area

Say the sellers asking price for a certain property is 300k; for some reason, the contract price has to be below 270k and the seller won't sell below his asking price; can an attorney draft a contract for the property with a sale price of 270k, and the buyer pays the additional 30k in the form of a contingent contract in which the seller sells 10k worth of furnitures at 40k to the buyer. Looking for an attorney to draft such contract in the Raleigh area.

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First, why go through the charade of a second contract when the end result is the same? Second, I am assuming the contingency in the second contract is based on acceptance of the first contract, but if they are not signed simultaneously, the buyer could elect not to sign the second contract. You might find an attorney to draft these agreements, but I am not sure I understand the purpose behind them.

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Speak to a real estate attorney in the Triangle before you even attempt what you are pondering.


I agree with both previous answers and if you are buying furniture for 30K and the house for 270K then yes . However this deal will be scrutinized by taxing authorities and the value should be reasonable.
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