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Residency status in usa.

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In 2000 I married a us citizen.In 2001 I arrived in USA.I've worked 4 years with a contract.
In the end of 2006 I returned to Europe.My husband and I, we divorced in 2004.
I want to know what is my residency status in usa.
What authority should i contact?

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Once you have been outside of the US for a year, you are presumed to have abandoned your residency status. You could check with the nearest US consulate if you believe that you have maintained sufficient ties to the US to retain residency.

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If you have been out of the U.S. for seven years, you have almost certain abandoned your former status.

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if you left in 2006 and have not returned, more likely than not you have abandoned your permanent residency

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When a green card holder is outside of the US for a year it is presumed that residency in US is abandoned. Did you have any particular reason for staying in Europe? I suggest speaking to an attorney regarding your matter. Good Luck!