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Resend a Child Support discharge of money owed for back support

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ex said he would be facing jail time if he didn't settle with me in regards to child support case in california. I fell for it and agreed since I got merely nothing anyway and my son is now 25 and he has a daughter he is raising with his wife that is 10. I felt for the kid so i said yes. Court called me via phone at 5 pm I was in traffic and had to pull over to he side so I was distracted and was trying to be obedient and attentive. So I can I go in and retract the order to establish back to him owing the back support?

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Probably not. You should have known of the date and time of the hearing, and for whatever reason decided to be driving at that time rather than being somewhere you could hear and focus on the phone call you knew was coming. You were likely placed under oath and questioned, and your answers therefore were and are binding. If you questioned the reasons your ex was giving you to cut this deal, you should have consulted with someone before the actual hearing. In general terms, something you have sworn to under oath at a scheduled hearing cannot later be "undone."

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