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Rescheduling a few days earlier with my PO for reason of starting a new job?

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I was just recently put on non-adjucated probation. I Just got my college degree and i'm starting a new job on sept 9 and it is an great opportunity. I just signed a lease in the new county the jobs at and im scheduled to meet a PO in Harrison county for the first time on sept 11. Do you think that they would have a problem with me meeting them this week so i don't have to miss my third day of a new job? I know that either way he will probably transfer me to the other county regardless of meeting time. This is the first time i've been on probation. I am trying to be the easiest client and to show them that i am making every effort to be a upstanding citizen. I am terrified that they will not care and make me miss my third day of work and put me in bad standing with my employer.

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Most probation officers, if there schedule permits would allow a schedule change. To take the fear factor out call the probation department ASAP and ask.


You definitely have the right attitude. Call your PO and just ask. They usually will work with you on situations like that. I know several personally. What you don't want to do is just not show up. If you explain that you need to do it early, I'm pretty sure they'll let you.

Make sure you pay your fees on time, and if you can pay any fines, assessments with the Court off early, you may can get off probation early.

Good Luck!

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Call and ask your PO politely and explain the problem. Most POs want to work with you to retain employment.

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