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Reschedule naturalization interview

San Francisco, CA |

I recently got my letter for the naturalization interview. The problem is I was just about to get a ticket to travel internationally. The questions I have are:

- How risky is it to reschedule my interview?
- If I decide to reschedule and go ahead with my travel plans, do I need to report the days I was out of country? What is the process for reporting these days?
- If I decide to go with the interview, can I travel right after my interview? Do they ask to keep my passport or green card for any reason after the interview?
- If I decide to travel after the interview, do I need to report these days before taking the oath?

Thank you for your help

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I always tell people that "Uncle Sam makes an appointment with you, you don't make it with Uncle Sam."

I would not reschedule your interview. There is no guarantee that USCIS will agree to reschedule it and if they do it could delay your case for a long period of time. When you are at your interview they will ask you to update your trip list. The day of your swearing in they will ask you to update it once again. At the interview they don't take your passport or your greencard so you will be able to travel after the interview. Just keep good records of when you travel and you will have no problem.

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